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Foraging & Mushroom Picking Journals

I know a lot of people who forage and love to go mushroom picking. I also know a lot of them who are in different climates, and wherever I find myself, the same plants and mushrooms don't always come out around the same dates.

When I embarked on this wonderful journey of self-publishing on KDP, I had so many ideas of journals and logbooks to make. I talked to her about making a few journals related to hunting, and while gathering the information I'd need to make them useful, my mom, who also loves foraging for edible plants and mushroom picking, gave me this one.

She said she never knew exactly when the morels and willowherbs came out where she lives, since she's far up North, and the climate's a bit different in comparison to the rest of our province. She always had to go through her cellphone and find previous years pictures of her morels in order to know when she should start scouring her spots to look for them.

I thought "She can't be the only one who'd need a foraging or a mushroom picking journal"... So I made them!

And surely, she and a couple of my friends found it very useful!


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